Hangul Friend - Hangul Friend Lesson Trip : Enjoy and have a great chance to get closer to Korean culture~!!! Korean Hangul Friend Lesson Trip provide 5days Korean Class Lesson with cultural exchange tour after school everyday.
(** The Korean alphabet, also known as Hangul is the native alphabet of the Korean language.)

* Arrival Korea and Orientation your class at the center. Lesson (1) Lesson (2) Lesson (3) Lesson (4) Lesson (5) * Departure
10am to 12pm 10am to 12pm 10am to 12pm 10am to 12pm 10am to 12pm
* Airport pick up service and tour in Hongdae upon your arrival. Afternoon
Seoul City Tour
Beauty &
Shopping tour
Cooking Class &
Local Market
K-Pop Dance
Namiseom &
Folk village
Lotte world &
Gangnam tour
* Departure
13pm to 18pm 13pm to 18pm 13pm to 18pm 18pm to 22pm 13pm to 18pm

Hangul Friend : Tour Benefit & Inclusive Condition

  • (1) 5Days Korean Class for 10hours at Bestfriends Center (in Shinchon, Seoul)
  • (2) 6Days Guesthouse staying at Hongdae (3-5min. From the lesson center) with Breakfast
  • (3) Airport pick up & Sending Service
  • (4) 5Days Cultural exchange tour in Seoul
  • (5) 10,000won pre-paid Subway T-Money card

Hangul Friend Program Fees

1USD = 1,050KRW

Tour period Price Application Fee Total Price
(Sales Price *)
Group reservation D.C
7days 6nights
(Regular Program)
610,000KRW 85,000KRW 695,000KRW
Over 3pax
Get 10% D.C
  • (1) ** The program and tour are available on every Sun. and finish at Sat.
  • (2) If you join the tour in the middle of class, we can give below discount.
  • -. 4days lesson & cancel 1day lesson : (-) 35,000won discount
  • -. 3days lesson & cancel 2days lesson : (-) 70,000won discount / Min. 3days Lesson is required
  • (3) Agent Net. Price is what we can give our agent in overseas sellers. And Our open client only available to apply the program with Sales Price * above.
  • (4) Excluding : International air fare and all miscellaneous cost are excluded. (Meal : Lunch and Dinner is not included.)

Hangul Friend : How to Apply this Program?

Day 2 : Afternoon Seoul City Tour

-. Pass by Blue House (where the president live.)
-. Gyeongbokgung palace (folk museum)
>> The oldest palace of the Joseon Dynasty is located in central downtown of Seoul.
-. Insadong (art and hand craft street)
>> To experience the traditional culture of Korea while remaining in the heart of the city, visit Insa-dong.
With art galleries, traditional craft stores, antique art dealers, traditional tea house and tasted Korean food restaurant, it is simply the place in Seoul
for visitors wanting to experience traditional aspects of Korea. The area is especially good for antiques and old paintings, ceramics, paper crafts as
well as antique furniture can all be found in abundance.
-. Bukchon Hanok Village (Korean Traditional House Village)
>> Bukchon, or North Village, is a traditional residential area located nearby Gyeongbokgung palace. It is 600-year history spans the life of the city itself.
Time seems stop in this village and you will have good experience to travel around in this village and enjoy this slow time in your life to.
-. Myeongdong (shopping street)
-. Seoul N Tower
>> View all of beauty in Seoul City in this tower. It is one of land mark in downtown not only for travelers but local citizen of Seoul.

Day3 : Beauty Tour and Shopping Tour

-. Beauty Tour (Skin Anniversary) : Take full time of face massage and learn how to make up as Korean TV star.
/ http://www.skinanniversary.co.kr/index.html
-. Paju Outlet : Paju premium outlet is 2nd luxury premium outlet introduced in Korea. http://www.premiumoutlets.co.kr/paju/
-. Dongdaemun night market : Where you can buy clothing and girl's staff.

Day4 : Cooking Class & Local Market Tour

-. Making Korean food , Kimchi at Cooking class
-. Visit traditional Korean Market : Looking around the traditional market in Korea and see real time of local citizen's daily life.
>> Gwangjang market is the nation's first market and continues to thrive as a popular tourist destination today.
-. K-POP Dance Lesson and watch Non-verbal performance [B-Boy Kung : http://www.sjbboys.com/]
>> Let's learn the most famous Korean dance with K-Pop and after this let's watch the performance at B-Boy Kung.

Day5 : Nami island + Korean Folk Village

-. Namiseom island : where the drama "Winter Sonata" has filmed and has various theme of activities such as bike tour, gallery tour etc.
-. Korean Folk Village
>> The Korean Folk Village is home to numerous collections of Korean cultural artifacts, providing an opportunity for Korean children to experience
and learn the culture of their ancestors firsthand. The site provides a venue to promote traditional Korean culture to both domestic and international
visitors, and provides an open-air learning place for succeeding generations. The village has been developed to convey the wisdom and the spirits of
our ancestors to both domestic and international tourists.

Day6 : Lotte World & Gangnam Tour

-. Lotte world : Indoor and Outdoor 1st largest amusement park in Seoul, Downtown.
-. Gangnam Tour : Have you ever heard about the song "Gangnam Style" ? This is the song made one of Korean singer become a World star.This will be the main venues in Seoul where this song keep mentioned as "Gangnam"
>> Apgujeong Galleria Development Store, Gangnam station

Hangul Friend Korean Language Lesson Center

  • Hangul Friend - Hangul Friend Lesson Trip : Our program lesson center is located in Shinchon, Seoul.
    Bestfriend Korean Language Lesson Center will provide the professional & certificated teacher all the times to our class and after a week of lesson with us, your Korean Language ability will be improved with surprise.

    Shinchon where our lesson center is located are already well known for exchange and learning language not only for foreigner but local citizen of Korea.
    2 of major university in Korea such as Yonsei, Ewha woman are located in this area. You will meet trendy & young students on the street easily on the street.

How to get to the lesson center from your guesthouse?

- By subway : only 15min. Including all time of walk station to station from the guesthouse to the center.
- By taxi or car : 3~5min. only

Hangul Friend Guest House in HONGDAE, SEOUL

  • Fourseasons House is located in downtown - Hongdae, Seoul and next to Shinchon station where the lesson center located. This house is only reserve for the student of Hangul Friend. You can feel like it’s your home and all of staff in this house will provide the most friendly and professional service to you.
    Clean and well managed room is ready for you. With a bit of extra cost you can also get a private room with toilet.
    Fourseasons House : www.fourseasonsfriend.com