Do you love Korean Drama? Did you see the beautiful place in drama? You can be there. You can walk at Shinwha campus in Boys in flowers. You can sit on Ku Jun Pyo's chair. Let’s have a cup of coffee at Kim Tak Gu’s bakery. Can’t wait to go to the place where “Ju-won” and “La-im” met for the first time in the Drama of <Secret garden>. Just join us and visit the attractive film location.

[Tour Itinerary]

Day Itinerary Tour condition
Day1 Pick up from Seoul hotel
Hotel - Yangpyong
:Gyeonggi English Yangpyong Camp [Boys over Flowers]
Yangpyong -> Paju
:Artinus Farmer’s Table (Heyri) [Boys over Flowers]
Drop off at Seoul hotel
[Package Including]
- 1Night accommodation in
Daemyung Vivaldi park with breakfast
- 3Days private car with driver
- Entrance fee, parking fee,
vehicle fuel and toll fee

[Package Excluding]
- Seoul hotel
- Meals (Except Day2 Breakfast)
- Driver's tip - 20,000won per day
Day2 Pick up from Seoul hotel
Hotel - Gapyong
:Garden of Morning Calm [You're so Beautiful]
:Petit France [Secret Garden]
:Hongchun Yuchi-ri idol village [Invincible Youth]
Drop off at Daemyung Vivaldi Park
Day3 Pick up from Vivaldi Park
Hotel - Chungju
:Suamgol Village [Cain and Abel], [Baker Kim Tak Gu]
Drop off at Seoul Hotel
Tour fees (for 4pax)_per person 289,000won

Gyeonggi English Yangpyong Camp has been used as Shinwha campus in Boys over flowers. It was the location for the scene when Jan-di’s friend, Oh Min-ji, accidentally spills ice cream on Gu Jun-pyo’s shoes. There are individual banners of Boys over Flowers drama main cast - Goo Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon displayed at shelter place.

The Farmer’s Table was the location for Shinwha high school’s restaurant. It is a restaurant located on the first floor of the Artinus building in Heyri Art Village, which is designed to capture the simplicity and comfortable atmosphere of a farmer’s table.

It is the place where Yoo He Yi and Hwang Tae Gyeong kiss and share rings. It’s also the place where Go Minam shoots her music video and where Yoo He Yi cunningly makes Minam wear girl’s clothes. The Garden of Morning Calm is an artistic, beautifully organized garden set against the picturesque natural backdrop of Chukryeongsan Mountain. It’s the place to be for urbanites that are looking to relax in a soothing forest setting. This unique garden opened in May 1996 and since then, has frequently been used as a filming location for various dramas and movies.

Petite France is where Ju-won meets Ra-im for the first time in the drama. It is here that Ju-won's love for Ra-im develops. Petite France is a French cultural community area located in Goseong-ri in Cheongpyeong, Gapyeong-gun. Spanning 117,000 square meters, Petite France has a youth training facility (Goseong Youth Training Center) and 16 French-style buildings for accommodation and various cultural experiences. There are 34 rooms with maximum capacities ranging from four to ten people. In addition, there are a gallery that showcases sculptures and paintings of a cock, which is a symbol of France, a shop that plays music from a 200-year-old music box, an herb and aroma shop, as well as a souvenir shop. Petite France has been drawing many tourists on weekdays, too, since it was used as the filming location for Korean dramas 'Beethoven Virus' and 'Personal Taste.'

Chungchunbulphae - one of the famous real variety TV shows in KBS which you can see the real story what recent high star of girl group of Korea make. Through this TV shows you can see their natural face (not like their make up face on stage.) and character that you did not imagine it never expected. Their real life story in country village makes us be purity and being homesick.

The sad but sweet love between Cho-in and Yeong-ji take places in a small humble village on top of a hill in Cheongju. The location is Suamgol, one of the main locations of the drama and a scenic spot boasting a panoramic view of the entire city of Cheongju. It is also a place that retains the look of an old traditional back street of Korea. This location which appears at the beginning of episode 9, has become a favorite spot for photographers in the past few years. This cozy and humble village is where Cho-in and Yeong-ji decide to begin a new life together. This is also a village where artists have been coming for the past few years with paint and brushes to draw wall paintings, breathing life into the old backstreet walls of this humble village.

This village is recently famous by Korean nation drama which is “Kim Tak Gu”. You can go to the main place of drama site - Kim Tak Gu’s bakery there. Do not miss chance to get there~!